Unleash The Creativity in You | A mixer Cake

mixer cake

Have your delicious treat with the range of mixer for cake.

We tend to control with a hectic life, doing things we do not enjoy, forgetting the simplest things that bring Love and Happiness. Let us recall when is the last time you bake, where the smell of your kid’s favorite chocolate cake. The lovely smell of chocolates, vanilla essence and the sound of mixer cake, it fills your kitchen up with love, joy and happiness. Especially smiles of your loved ones enjoying every bite of homemade cake with the help of mixer cake.

This is the most valuable moment when it brings people together and laughs. You deserve to live better, to live with happiness, to live with love, every time.

You could find the very user-friendly of mixer cake here in Kitmens. The mixer cake is a must for your kitchen appliances if you love baking.

Here comes, Kitmens KM-B5 a mixer cake  that you need to unleash creativity in the kitchen. We have redesigned our metallic body mixer to a whole new level while upholding 3 principles; Smart Technology, High Quality and Elegant Design.

Mixer Cake | Kitmens Kitchen Appliances Mixer Malaysia

Kitmens Mixer Cake | Gives you all these advantages.

A mixer cake that completes your kitchen needs with great features:

✔️ Led Display Countdown timer.

✔️ Effortless organized – easy storage design allows you to keep all the attachments in one place.

✔️ More powerful, silent and cooling – 800W DC Motor.

✔️ All Steel gears – Teflon, whisk bowl with 304 stainless steel.

✔️ Anti splash – splash guard will take care of that, and the WIDE CHUTE allowed you to add an ingredient with no hassle.

✔️ Non-slip rubber feet – 5 rubber feet with an added suction pad to make sure the mixer STAY STILL while keeping your tabletop SCRATCH-FREE during operation.

✔️ Pasta attachment 3 in 1.

✔️ Slick matte spray paint look.

✔️Customise name engraving.

Find your quality mixer for cake from here, Kitmens