Smart Choice For You to Choose Kitmens Baking Oven or Toaster Oven

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The perfect solution for excellent baker, Kitmens Baking Oven / Toaster Oven.

Kitmens is the best baking oven / toaster oven that providing the kitchen appliances such as electronic mixer, hand mixer and mixer attachments as well.

Best Baking Oven / Toaster Oven Malaysia | Kitmens Kitchen Appliances Malaysia Mixer Malaysia
(Kitmens Malaysia : Best baking oven / toaster oven in Malaysia)

Fresh from the best baking oven / toaster oven in Malaysia.

5 reasons why Kitmens is the finest baking oven / toaster oven:

✔️ It features an intelligent program that will remember the temperature and setting of the timer when you last used it. If you do not remember, do not worry. It will. 

✔️ You can set the baking oven / toaster oven as fermentation mode. This is one of the steps in making good bread! Activate this mode to set the temperature from 30°C to 45°C and the timer to 12 hours. That’s it, your dough is good to knead and bake.

✔️ The Kitmens baking oven / toaster oven has 3 heating modes, which you can choose to bake with your desired temperature. You can choose the Dual, Top or Bottom heating mode.

✔️ If you need to prepare your dinner on time, but the meat is still frozen, turn up the oven and set it in defrost mode. Your meat will be thawed in between 1 to 22 minutes. 

✔️ The Kitmens baking oven or toaster oven is suitable for all types of baking: toast, chicken or pizza. Simply set up and your meal is served. And of course, the meal will be cooked evenly with the heat spread to 360 degrees.