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Best Stand Mixer in Malaysia : Kitmens KM-B5

Best Stand Mixer Malaysia

Superior Kitchen Mixer with

Smart Technology,

High Quality

& Elegant Design.

Kitmens Stand Mixer emerged as the best kitchen mixer for baking and cooking in Malaysia with top quality attributes.

Bring joy to your home & express your love with the sweet aroma of healthy food made with ease!

We’ve created a solid foundation of genuine happiness.

You would love to have healthy homemade food made with our evolved & top-rated mixer which has already influenced many lives by bringing efficiency to the kitchen.

Kitmens is focused on making your life easy so that you can expand your creative horizon and efficiently bake yummy foods for your loved ones. You’ll enjoy a new breeze in your relationships & a positive atmosphere at your home.

Our evolved metallic body mixture is redesigned to a whole new level while upholding 3 core principles.

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Episode 3

Here we present you the journey of creating
the best kitchen mixer in Malaysia.

Modern Stand Mixer with LED Smart Display

  • BIG & CLEAR display timer that allows you to monitor the time and speed at glance. It is so clear that can be easily seen even you are 5 metres away.
  • SOFT PUSH On/Off button & SMOOTH 8-SPEED CONTROL to easily adjust your desired speed for different mixing purposes.
  • Up to 30 minutes COUNTDOWN TIMER that will turn off automatically in case you forgot the time during a phone call. Now you can let the mixer run itself while preparing other ingredients 


Choosing best stand mixer and its equipment is time-consuming. No more wasting time and energy looking for attachments. This easy storage design allows you to keep all the attachments in one place. Air-dry the attachment after washed and grab it in second whenever you need it.

Unbeatable Kitchen Mixer :
More Powerful
More Silent
More Cooling

Kitmens advanced 800W DC Motor is at least X2 times the performance of AC Motor.


A quiet library has a 45dB noise pollution. Our DC motor produced noise as low as 52.6dB, measuring 20cm from the mixer.


To make your bread soft and tender inside, good crumb and crusty on the outside. You’ll have to knead the dough consistently with a stable and strong force to allows the gluten to form perfectly and create that elastic and smooth texture. Our DC motor generates bigger power that allows the mixer to knead up to 1KG FLOUR

Get rid of muscle soreness from hand-kneading

Full Steel Gear

Our engineer has brilliantly connected the DC motor with a set of steel planetary gears to ensure LONG-LASTING & HEAVY DUTY MIX

Matte Spray Paint

Nice to see & good to touch. A quality presented color to elevate the overall standard of your kitchen. Place it nicely in your kitchen and surprised your guest. Soon, you’ll be looking for a new excuse to use it every day.

Advance Cooling

Remember our DC motor?  DC Motor PRODUCED LESS HEAT, with the combination of built-in heat vent, it brings cooling to the next level to ensure the mixer always works at OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE


Apart from the EASY HEAD LIFTING STRUCTURE, the mixer will CUTOFF AUTOMATICALLY when the head is lifted. Worry not, the SMART TIMER will remember where it stop and resumes the timer when the mixer head is back to working position.

stand mixer terbaik

rubber feet

5 rubber feet with added suction pad to make sure the mixer STAY STILL while keeping your tabletop SCRATCH-FREE during operation.

Anti Splash Stand Mixer

You don’t want the flour to mess up your kitchen. Our splash guard will take care of that, and the WIDE CHUTE enables you to add ingredient with no hassle

Best Baking Mixer
Kitchen Mixer For Baking

304 Stainless Steel

All kitmens attachments are made with grade 304 stainless steel. To ensure LONG LASTING and SAFE TO USE.

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Product Specification




800 W


220 – 240 V


DC Motor


5.2 Litre


9.9 kg


12 kg


43 X 24 X 36 cm


47 X 28 X 47 cm

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