Kitmens Digital Oven KM-KO65 Review

While looking for a suitable platform to raise brand awareness, our team discovered “BestBuyGet”, a Malaysian-run website that compares and writes about many different services and products in Malaysia. The website also has other useful articles like how-to guides and occasional full reviews.

BestBuyGet aims to help fellow Malaysians choose better and reliable products/services. So that they can get the best value for their money with reliable and versatile products. 
By providing comprehensive reviews and comparisons of products, BestBuyGet helps readers make wiser buying decisions!  And avoid products that are poorly made.
Because another angle they are passionate about is protecting the environment! Mindless over-consumption is detrimental to the environment.
So we decided to send a Kitmens oven to Janice, the co-founder of BestBuyGet, to try out the oven for a week and write us a full and unbiased review.
The article below is the full breakdown of the Kitmens oven.